About Me

Ben is a self taught photographer born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Ben has based 

himself in both Sydney and Byron Bay, travelling between the two.


Picking up his first DSLR camera he fell in love with landscapes. travelling around exploring and capturing the beauty this world has to offer was a pretty damn good gig he thought, but there was something missing. That human emotion, which has now lead him to portraits. The feeling from sharing his art and something he's so passionate about is what drives him further.


Seeing how it positively effects people is what every photographer strives for. That’s where Bens drive for life and photography really comes from. Photography is a release, in both a way for him to express thoughts and feelings but also disconnect from the world we live in sometimes and just take in little things that pass us by everyday. Bens one goal with his photography is to not only bring happiness to this world through his imagery but to also inspire people to chase their dreams and get out there and live their life.

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